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What Our Clients Say

Modular Installation Services is a leading independent Commercial Furniture Services company providing new installations, reconfigurations, moving and storage services to complete your facility projects effectively and efficiently.  We know that the modern office environment is geared toward cooperation, collaboration and communication.  With these concepts in mind, we work with our customers to plan and implement their furniture projects.  

Furniture Dealers throughout the country know that Modular Installation Services provides the leadership, quality and experience necessary to receive, deliver and correctly install new furniture to clients.  We do not sell furniture - we do not believe in competing against our dealership clientele.  Instead we provide a true partnership with dealers throughout the country.

Facilities Managers, Construction Managers and Project Managers know that Modular Installation Services understands that moving, changing or growing ones office space can be very disruptive to their business, employees and customers. That’s why FM's use Modular Installation Services to plan and implement their most difficult projects in a smooth, efficient and cost-effective manner for minimal disruption.  

It is our Team!  Our strength is in our employees.  We take the time to hire, train and develop our employees (not contract labor!) so they buy into the concepts of exceeding our clients' need.  An experienced and highly trained Project Supervisor is assigned to each project to ensure exceptional customer service and job performance.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your project needs.

Furniture Installation Services


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8606 Wall Street Bldg. 14, Suite 150
Bldg. 14, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78754

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