FURNITURE INSTALLATION ♦ Furniture Dealers, Facilities Managers, Project Managers and General Contractors rely on Modular Installation Services to complete their new furniture installations. ♦ We provide friendly, knowledgeable supervisors to work one-on-one with the client, executing the installation process in a speedy and efficient manner. ♦ Years of experience have taught us how to “think on our feet” to offer solutions to issues as they arise, and has given our team members the skill to implement the solutions quickly and effectively. ♦ We believe that communication is the key to a successful installation, and we make sure that all the players are kept in the chain of communication. Manufacturers, Shippers, Project Managers, General Contractors, Painters, Carpet Installers, Electricians, Tele/Data Service Providers, IT personnel and Facilities Managers are all drivers in the intricate road of new installation and reconfiguration projects, and Modular Installation Services works as a team with these people to install the furniture to our customers’ complete satisfaction. ♦ We provide pre-installation services such as chalk-line marking for core drills, field measurement verifications and coordination between the other trades on the project.

Furniture Installation Services


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